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Grading Policies



I do not assign a lot of homework; therefore, when it is assigned I expect it to be completed and ready to go over at the beginning of class. Each missing or incomplete homework assignment will result in 5 points subtracted from the overall quarter homework grade.




Students will be able to make corrections on most assignments.  This allows the student a chance to analyze the mistakes they made and "re-learn" the material as well as add points to their original grade.  

  • corrections are due the day after the assignment is returned
  • students must correct all missed questions
  • corrections are to be made on a separate paper and stapled to the original when turned in
  • students will receive half credit back for all questions corrected


Make-up Work


Make-up work will be available to students when they return to school.  All work may be taken home to complete with the exception of major grades.  Students have five days to complete any missing work.  All work not received after the five days will result in a zero.  Late work, if accepted, will result in a deduction of points. 




Davidson County Schools has a 10-point grading scale.


A     100 - 90

B       89 - 80

C       79 - 70

D       69 - 60

F       59 – 50


All grades will be entered into PowerSchool weekly.



Math I

Major Grades     60%

Minor Grades     40%


The Math 1 EOC will count as 20% of the student's final grade.


Math 8

Major Grades             50%

Minor Grades             30%

Classwork Grades     20%