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Coaching Staff

Head Coach - Becka Runyan

I LOVE BASKETBALL! This will be my 22nd season as a coach. WOW.... I began my long career in this sport as a young middle school player and continued to play in high school followed by a few years of collegiate intramural basketball. After many years of playing and raising my two sons, I realized that I wanted to teach and coach basketball to girls because it had such a wonderful impact on my life. In general, sports create positive environments, foster mental strength and physical growth, teach ways to set and meet goals and develop strong character traits.  I believe in providing young girls with the opportunity to discover their talents as an athlete in any sport. My focus as a coach is to teach knowledge and skills that build confidence on the court for each player and hopefully that creates a winning team for the season. But most of all, I want my girls to feel empowered with the courage to get involved and participate in any sport or activity that can provide them with success in their future.