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Coaching Philosophy

Coaching Philosophy


My coaching philosophy comes straight from legendary Pat Summitt of the University of Tennessee Lady Volunteers, a program that since 1974 had compiled a win-loss record of 946-180.  Until recently, Coach Summitt had the most wins coach (male or female) in college basketball history. I was deeply saddened by her passing. I have studied her coaching methods throughout my 20 years as a coach and consider her the best role model for coaching girls. I have coached a variety of age levels from kindergartners to seniors. I discovered that the most basic skills are consistent at every level.  My priority is teaching those skills that are so valuable at the high school level.

The only real difference in coaching different levels is time.  With my youth program, I could have up to six years working with a player at the K-6 level. When I coached at the high school, I might have a player for four years. But middle school is definitely the hardest because at best I can develop a player for two years. This is the age where girls are changing mentally and physically. They may or may not have prior experience.  I have so much I want to cover and never enough time to do it. So I stay focused on skill development.

The win/loss record and stats from middle school will not follow a player to high school but the ability to play the game with strong offensive and defensive skills will. I love to win and I believe teaching proper skills will produce better players and wins during the season. However, my greatest success as a coach is seeing my players at the high school level playing competitively and winning there because those stats will be used to get them to the college level. Then I can proudly say I helped develop those players on that great team.

While I am no Pat Summitt, I have made every attempt possible over the years to teach those skills that will ensure the success of my players at the next level, whatever that may be for them. These are Coach Summitt’s quotes on TEAMWORK/DISCIPLINE and they are ideas that I hope to instill in my players.


Teamwork doesn’t come naturally. It must be taught. Put the team before yourself. Individual success is a myth. No one succeeds all by herself.”


“Discipline yourself, so no one else has to. Self-discipline helps you believe in yourself. Group discipline produces a unified effort toward a common goal. Discipline helps you finish a job, and finishing is what separates excellent work from average work.”