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Social Studies Grading Procedures

Social Studies

This course will be a combination of learning techniques. Students will complete notes and complete guided activities from the teacher, work on independent as well as partner and group activities.  Students will have projects that allow them to use research materials from texts and websites. Participation through written work and asking questions is crucial to learning in this class.


Late Work or Missing Work

I will accept late or missing homework.  You cannot learn if you don’t try and getting a zero may teach you the consequence of not being organized BUT you will not learn the content which you are tested on by the district and state.  Late work will have a deduction in points as a consequence but it is better than the zero.


Binders (Playbook):

Handouts, notes, classwork, homework, quizzes and tests are organized daily into the binder.  Students will use the binder to keep important items in here and use them as study guides for tests.  These are checked for completion and organization at the end of each unit. These are not graded but very important for teaching students skills in organization and pride in maintaining their academic materials.


Daily Class Participation(Practice on the court): 

Some in-class activities will be independent and students must take notes on guided sheets or write notes in journals.  Some activities could be partner or group activities.  Some activities will only be done during class time.  It is necessary for students to actively participate in class and use their time wisely if they are going to learn and succeed in class.


Homework (Practice off the court):

Homework will be given occasionally during the week. Homework will be checked at the beginning of class and completing the full assignment is required to receive full credit.  A weekly grade will be given rather than daily, however, some assignments could be graded for accuracy and given a separate grade from the weekly grade.


Absences and Makeup work: 

Assignments are written for the week on the board in the room.  If a student is absent from school, they will be responsible for getting information about missed work when they return.  On occasion, the teacher may provide a handout of notes and samples, but not always. Students are responsible for copying notes from a classmate. Students have a personal mailbox in class which should be checked upon return for handouts and papers missed while absent. Students will receive additional time to complete absent work.