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School Hours

NDMS Bell Schedule
Regular Schedule:
Tardy Bell    8:00
Homeroom  9:00-8:05
1st Period    8:05
Additional periods and times are reflective of a six period schedule.
Regular Dismissal:
Car Rider Bell  3:05        
1st Bus Rider Bell   
2nd Bus Rider Bell  
3rd Bus Rider Bell  
One Hour Delay:
Tardy Bell   8:58
Homeroom 8:58-9:05
1st Period  9:05
Two Hour Delay:
Tardy Bell 10:00
Homeroom 10:00-10:05 
1st Period  10:05
Three Hour Delay:
Tardy Bell    11:00
Homeroom   11:00-11:05
1st Period    11:05