Health and P.E

Health and Physical Education
Teachers:  Kerry Krawczyk, Katelyn Frazier, Brian Hege, Mark Vaughan and Emory Edwards
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Physical Education/Health Expectations 

We are excited about starting a new year. Students will learn ways to be healthy by actively participating in various games and activities in the gym. They will also take part in health classes that will meet every other week. In order for our program to operate smoothly and effectively, the following rules and regulations are necessary.

  2.   Respect yourself, your teachers, classmates, classroom supplies & equipment
  3.     Come directly to PE/Health once dismissed from previous class
  4.     DO NOT use the bathroom in between classes, without permission
  5.     Be prepared for class: PE (workout appropriate clothing, tennis shoes, deodorant, etc.) 

        Health (pencil/pen, paper, folder/binder, CHARGED Chromebook, earbuds etc.)

  1.     Be seated immediately after entering the classroom/gym in YOUR assigned seat.
  2.     Listen when a teacher or a classmate are talking and follow directions.
  3.     When you hear the whistle STOP whatever you are doing, FREEZE and LISTEN
  4.     ALWAYS leave the classroom/gym cleaner than you found it
  5.   Students are dismissed by the teacher
  6.   Make up work: It is your responsibility to contact your PE teacher when you are absent
  7. Students will NOT be dressing out until further notice. Students are EXPECTED to wear clothes that meet dress code, and that they can move in freely for PE. For hygiene purposes students are welcome to bring deodorant and a small hand towel.  Students will have PE everyday on a weekly rotation.
  8. If a student is to be temporarily excused from PE, a written statement from home must be given to the teacher at the beginning of class.  If a student is to be excused for more than 2 days, a written statement from a doctor is required.  It must state the reason he/she is unable to participate, for how long and what activities the student can or cannot do. Parents may be called to verify notes.

“Every day is another chance to get stronger; eat better; live healthier: to be the BEST version of 



Grading Policy

One grade will be given for Physical Education. It will be a combination of Physical Education and Health classes. 

Physical Education Grading Rubric-Based on Middle School Grading Policy: 

60% Major Works: Ex. Participation, Fitness Tests, Health Tests or Projects

40% Minor Works: Ex. Fitness Laps, Health Quizzes, Journals

Participation Grade: All students start with a “100” average. Keeping that grade is based on participation, cooperation, and effort during class. It will also include student preparedness for class (attire & tennis shoes) Throughout the year the students will be involved in a variety of sports, games, and fitness activities.  Students are EXPECTED to participate in everything to the best of their ability.  They will receive a weekly grade. 

(-5) not wearing appropriate attire for PE

(-5) not wearing tennis shoes (for safety reasons)

(-5) not sitting in assigned area

(-5 to-10) failure to participate (unless medical reason)

(-1 to -5) goofing off during exercises or class activity

(-5) poor sportsmanship exhibited during class

 Fitness Tests: Grade is based on how the student demonstrates proficiency & improvement The lowest grade for performance tests is an 80. If a student doesn’t try, points will be deducted from their participation grade.

 Behavioral Procedures (Unless extreme) 

Offense 1: Verbal Warning

Offense 2: Student/Teacher Conference and Parent Notification

Offense 3: Student/Team Conference and Parent Notification

Offense 4: Parent Notifications and Student Services Referral

Offense 5: Parent Notification and Administrative Conference

Offense 6: Parent Notification, Behavior Chart and Administrative Conference