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North Davidson Bus Information

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General Rules for Bus

  • We do not allow students to ride home with other students to spend the night, take trips, etc .  Our buses are too crowded and cannot hold "extra students".  Please work out transportation issues prior to your event.
  • Electronics (cell phones, ipods, etc.) are not allowed on the bus.  The school is not responsible for these items.
  • Food and drinks are not allowed on the bus.
  • Bus routes and stops are set by our central office.  Most stops are two tenths of a mile apart.  If your street is under a half mile long some students will have to walk to a "corner stop" to ride the bus.
  • Afternoon Bus DismissalIt is very important that we dismiss to the buses in a safe and orderly manner. Our afternoon dismissal can be very crowded and needs to be organized to accommodate such a large amount of people.  In order to make the operation smooth and to help get children home faster, please be aware of the following:

    1.  Students are not allowed to re-enter the building once they have left.

    2.  Students should go directly to their bus at the appropriate bell. 

    3.  Students are not allowed to get off the bus once they have boarded.

    4.  Any student that loiters in the parking lot instead of boarding their bus will be given a warning to board their bus.  If the student fails to follow directions, they may lose bus privileges for that day. A repeat offense of this rule can result in a bus suspension.